celebrating quiet acts of courage

The solo parent returning to work for the first time since their divorce.  The student afraid of the ridicule of peers trying out for a part in the school play anyway  The widow learning to keep house after decades of never having to; the accident victim beginning to make sense of how to navigate life again; the teacher investing unpaid hours of her own time to ignite the spark in a child most others would have abandoned.

They don't make it into newspapers, they aren't nominated for awards. They won't be given a medal.  They face the changes, adversities, and fears in their life with uncommon grace and dignity.    

You pass them by on the street every day without ever knowing. 

You are them.

This website is dedicated to acknowledging and applauding all those times we have done a difficult thing for no other reason than that it was the right thing to do.  For choosing to fight, for not giving up, for having the kind of courage that, as Mary Anne Radmacher says, will try again tomorrow.

Please visit our blog to read a collection of these remarkable stories, and take the time to post a note of encouragement.  If you know of someone whose story you think needs telling (including your own), then we would love for you to go to the submissions page and let us know the details.
Be inspired. Be inspiring. Join the crowd of a thousand cheering strangers.